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'구글 韓國 支社'의 만행.횡포를 천명(闡明)하면서,,. 퍼트리십시다요, '의장'님의 이 통한의 서한을!

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 ♣ 두문(頭文)

August 7, 2020


Mr. Sundar Pichai

CEO, Alphabet Inc. and Google Inc.

1600 Amphitheater Parkway Mountain View, California 94043

United States of America


 ♣ 서문; 자기 소개/인사. 활동 개요

Dear Mr. Pitchai,


To begin with, I am pleased to have the opportunity of sending you a letter. I am Jee, Man-won, a civic activist living in Seoul, South Korea. I am a KMA (Korea Military Academy) graduate, and I participated in the Vietnam War for 44 months as a battery commander (1967-1971). I subsequently studied in the U.S. Naval Post Graduate School, where I obtained a Master’s degree in business administration (1974-1976) and a Doctorate in system engineering (1977-1980). After returning from the United States, I worked for the Korea Institute for Defense Analysis and the ROK’s National Intelligence Service (1980-1987). Since I retired in 1987 as a full colonel, I have worked as a freelance writer, lecturer, commentator, and a freelance business management consultant. Presently, I am concentrating my efforts in enlightening the anti-communist movement as a civic activist.


♣ '구글 코리아 한국 지사'의 부당한 폐쇄 조치/북괴 공산 정권에

의한 1980.5.18 폭동 기획 폭로에의 애국자들에게로의 앙갚음.

In fact, I have run a channel on Youtube for years, where I have discussed matters related to ROK’s social and security areas sharing with my fellow patriotic followers. In the meantime, very recently I was extremely perplexed by a notice from Google Korea that it had suspended my Youtube account because of the reason that I have debated an event called “The May 18th Gwangju Riot” which erupted in Gwangju city in 1980 and was plotted by the North Korean communist regime.


♣ 학자로써의, 폭로시킨, 20년여 연구 결과 증빙, 일그러진 한국 근대 역사를 곧게 편 12권여의 편찬 서적들. ,,. 무겁게 좌경화된 & 압박 가중하는 진보 정권은, 전적으로 반박 불가한 진실에 의한 노출된 미분류된 문서 조차도 '광주 폭동 소설'이라면,,.   


As a scholar, I have researched this matter for nearly 20 years and finally revealed the fact by verifying that the insurrection was carried out by the North Korean regime’s secret intervention. I have unearthed the truth by publishing a dozen of related books in an effort to straighten out the ROK’s distorted modern history. Nonetheless, the progressive government is heavily inclined to the left and has kept suppressing me by totally denying the unequivocal truth. Stories on the Gwangju Riot were even exposed in the declassified documents by the U.S. State Department that were recently delivered to the ROK government at request. My research and work were conducted on the basis of the freedom of expression that is entirely guaranteed by our constitution.


♣ 결론 : ,,.

이 건에 대해, 귀사 응답을 접하게 된다면 존경케 될 것입니!    不然이며,,.


Nevertheless, Mr. Pitchai, I cannot help but ask you a question that how come such a giant global conglomerate as Google Inc. could involve in a sovereign country’s history matter and decided to shut down my Youtube channel at its discretion that has, of course, become a kick in the teeth to a lot of our freedom-loving people. Dear Mr. Pitchai, I have so far said about my situation without knowing any of your internal regulations. Concerning this matter, I would be honored if I could hear your response. Unless I have violated your international regulations, I want to continue my civic activities through your esteemed cyber channel.



 ♣ 미문(尾文).

Jee Man-won

Room 203, Jamae bldg.

12 Dongjakdaero 13 Gil, Dongjak-Gu

Seoul, South Korea

Email: jmw327@gmail.com



http://blog.daum.net/lipstips/18116897 :

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http://blog.daum.net/ksdon/5791 :

     ↗  Come September {9월이 오면} / 外 연속 演奏.

          1960년; Billy Vaughn 경음악단(輕音樂團)


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 '임 홍택'중위님들, 좀, 나오슈! ,,.   ^^*    戰友를 찾읍니다.


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